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10 percent of world’s road deaths in India

New Delhi: India accounts for six percent of the world’s total road accidents and 10 percent of the world’s road deaths, an engineers’ association said here Wednesday.

Though India has less than one percent of the world’s vehicle population, the accident record is the worst, said Pradeep Chaturvedi, chairman, safety and quality forum, the Institution of Engineers (India).

“In India, around 300,000 road accidents take place every year, resulting in 90,000 deaths. It is really shocking that six percent of the world’s total road accidents and 10 percent of the world’s road deaths happen in our country,” Chaturvedi told a conference on road safety here.

“Faulty designs of roads and curves, encroachments on pavements, the poor lighting at night, badly maintained vehicles and the lack of good public transport system are the main reasons for the record levels of road accidents,” said Raju Sarkar, a road expert.

“The major cause of road accidents in Delhi and other metros is due to poor traffic culture on part of both the road user and road authorities, non-maintenance of installed traffic signals, lack of road markings, the deficiency in geomatrics at intersections,” added Chaturvedi.

He also said that maximum numbers of all reported fatalities are of vulnerable road users (VRU), which include pedestrians, cyclists and two-wheeler riders.

Sarkar warned that the rapid growth in vehicle ownership and construction of high-speed roads might lead to more road accidents and fatalities.

Experts also stressed the need of advanced traffic control technologies including Intelligent Transport System (ITS) instead of the present outdated system.


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