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About Us

About Us


“Our behaviour on road is a reflection of our character,” so we work as a pressure group to give a wake-up call to the authorities concerned and shake the bad driving habits of our people. There is “No U-turn” after a crash so avoid it, any way possible.

Just imagine, if you stay on this page for 5 minutes, seven more must have died somewhere on the roads, not to mention how many getting injured.


My harrowing personal experience of a road crash in October 1996 and living in constant pain since then. The sudden emptiness and a strong desire that the same doesn’t happen to anyone else forced me to think about road safety. I chanced upon to meeting my mentor, Mr. Amitabh Dhillon who’s motivation is a great driving force.

ArriveSafe is a Registered Society under Act XXI of 1860.


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  • Harman Singh Sidhu
    Harman Singh Sidhu

    I see in ArriveSafe the seeds of a mass movement that will be not merely about traffic signs but about the importance of human life and how to preserve it. President of ArriveSafe and an IT entrepreneur, I want to make people realize the value of what I have lost.[More about me..]

  • Guneet Singh
    Guneet Singh

    With increasing road fatalities assuming epidemic proportion, driving behavior is one of the growing area of concern among the world community. There are innumerable factors responsible for the grim situation including, faulty or absence of adequate infrastructure, ignorance of driving rules, laxity in law enforcement and aberrant driving behavior. In this mission to sensitize people about their role and responsibility in making our roads safe, all of us must spread the message around. Being a psychologist doing research in driving behavior, I firmly believe that road safety for ourselves and other road users begins with us. I am grateful to ArriveSAFE for giving me the platform to contribute my bit to this mission.

  • Dr. V.D.Singh
    Dr. V.D.Singh

    In my career spanning more than three decades as Plastic Surgeon, I have operated thousands of cases who were leading normal life before a road accident changed their lives for ever. “Prevention is better than cure”, so lets not just sit and watch helplessly more die or get disabled but make an effort to make roads safer.[More about me..]

  • Gurleen Kaur
    Gurleen Kaur

    I have been a media person since the last 8 years and seeing all the reasons leading to death, I realized that road accidents are one of those factors which can be controlled. Saving life on road is possible only if one takes an initiative to educate the drivers and the pedestrians. A lot many lives can be saved if only proper education is imparted to people about road sense.Wars,disease,nature etc aren’t in my practical limits but yes roads are and I had promised myself to save atleast one life with my efforts and the greed for saving lives increased as I started this journey with the most responsible NGO I could have ever worked with – “ARRIVESAFE”.Being an active member for this NGO has also made me and my immediate family members very responsible on the roads which in itself is a big achievement

  • Sudhir Gota
    Sudhir Gota

    I am a Transport specialist working in a Regional NGO- Clean air Initiatives for Asian Cities. We strive for making the Asian Cities – Clean & Sustainable. My mission in life is to work for sustainable transport (affordable, accessible, safe and eco-friendly) for the people. In India nearly 260 people get killed on road on daily basis and still we think that accidents are unavoidable. If we can change the perception of people and government we can have better quality of life. :-) ]

  • Rahul Arora
    Rahul Arora

    “A picture is worth a thousand words”, I am a pass-out of the Arts College and work towards developing educational content. The illustrations should be interesting but still give a clear message of what should be done. We have a wide range of road users so it is a challenge to design art work but I have accepted this challenge.

  • Davinder Singh
    Davinder Singh

    Most of the people who keep a gun at home for safety don’t wear a seat belt or headgear so they are their own enemies. I am B. Tech. and Software Engineer working with ArriveSafe to educate and promote road safety among people using Internet as medium. We do not require a mishappening to tell how important road safety is, it should be our nature to drive safely.

  • Gaurav Sharma
    Gaurav Sharma

    First time I realized the importance of Road Safety when I was 19 years old, a close friend of mine while driving rashly broke his legs in a Road Accident. As per me, the reason was his lack of knowledge because Safe Driving is not taught or discussed in any forum. Surprisingly, till the age of five the parents take every possible care of the clild’s health, like giving polio drops, injections etc. but once they get into the teen age, they are handed over keys of swanky bikes and cars putting them at grave risk. I feel it is my duty to make people of my age group aware not to indulge in rash driving and risk their lives so after my classes I work with ArriveSAFE on Road Safety projects.

  • Amit Khanna
    Amit Khanna

    “I feel irritated, to say the least, at the scant regard shown by all of us motorists on the road. The liberty we take in jeopardizing others life while driving should be the biggest crime. Youngsters, especially school goers, should be made aware about the road safety rules compulsorily by schools all over. Our roads are fast tuning into death traps. Let us take a pledge that we will not lose a precious life just like that.”

  • Divay Chakshu Sharma

    I am a first year student pursuing Bachelors of Mass Communication. As a part of my curriculum I was supposed to intern with an NGO of my preference. All my batch mates had given their options about different NGOs especially working for women, children, poverty and other general cause. I always wanted to work for a very underrated issue. An issue which was as important as the other major issues but hardly raised. Traffic safety is an issue which had been in my mind since many years. The main reason for this is my personal experiences. I myself have seen people suffer throughout their lives due to a small mistake made during driving. The casual and ignorant behaviour of the society towards road safety provoked me to join Arrive Safe. Millions of people die every year throughout the world in road accidents. A cause which can be easily cured, it just requires little bit of extra care and nothing else. So following the footsteps of ‘Arrive Safe’, I want to spread awareness through different mediums about road safety and decrease the number of victims of road crashes