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Reduction of road fatalities in Spain in 2012


2012 was the 9th consecutive year in reducing road fatalities in Spain, achieving a new record.

The number of fatalities was 1304 with a reduction of 180 people in comparison with 2011. As average there is a reduction of 4 fatalities per day.

Most of the fatal accidents happened between during the day time involving run-offs in conventional roads. The number of accidents involving vulnerable users such as pedestrians has been reduced while number of accidents involving motorcyclists was quite similar to previous year. However, number of fatalities of cyclists increased.

As regards road safety devices and victims, the percentage of fatalities involving drivers not using seat belts was 22%, while the non-use of helmets for motorcyclists represented only 4%. However, despite numerous awareness-raising campaigns to use helmets, the number of fatalities of moped users without helmet was 31%. In Spain, the use of mopeds is very common due to favourable weather conditions.

In general, these numbers are positive considering the 364,8 millions of long-distance journeys completed in 2012. Spain represents a positive example in road safety as result of the coordination between different actors involved in mobility for the last years.

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