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» Road Safety manual India guide to drive safe

Road Safety manual India guide to drive safe

Books – ArriveSafe series

Book Introduction

yours childs Road SafetyArriveSAFE believes that by educating kids we can not only prepare next generation of safe road users but can also through them reverse train their parents. In pursuit of this ArriveSAFE regularly reach kids through schools. In the absence of road safety education as part of school curriculum, ArriveSAFE made a humble beginning by publishing “Your Child’s Road Safety Handbook” with anaim to instil good practice at a very early age.

The road safety tips explained in this book have been developed as a source for children, parents and school authorities. Road safety education is important for children at all ages. As children grow, they start running their lives more and more independently and mistakenly believe they know everything. But they need to know that road safety is a serious matter, and rules cannot be broken. The book is illustration-intensive and can be easily comprehended by even a ten year old child.
The e-book version of book is being translated into other vernacular languages like Hindi, Punjabi, Malayalam and Bengali so it can reach out the maximum audience. Our other publications at advance stage of development and would be published by August 2009.

Encouraging Response

  • The book was released by H.E., General S.F. Rodrigues, Governor Punjab & Administrator U.T. Chandigarh at Punjab Raj Bhawan, Chandigarh on 10th December 2007.
    Photos of the function | Media Coverage
  • Raja Rammohun Roy Library Foundation, the nodal agency of Government of India to support public library services has purchased the books for all National and State libraries.
  • Recommended by The Bureau of Police Research and Development (BPR&D) | Copy of letter
  • Recommended by Ministry of Shipping, Road Transport and Highways | Copy of letter
  • The Drector General of Police, Haryana orders 3000 copies of the book.
  • Out standing work : Kiran Bedi – First and Highest ranking Indian Woman internationally recognised, of Indian Police Service
  • Book Review by H. Kishie Singh – Renowned road safety expert & Tribune columnist.

Upcoming Editions

  • handbook on safe and responsible driving arrive safe
  • handbook on give way rule arrive safe
  • handbook on road signs marking and signs
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