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Our History

Sometimes in life, there come incidents that can completely change your life in the blink of an eye. While some of the incidents are indispensable, some are definitely avoidable when acted upon with utmost caution, such as road crashes .

One similar unfortunate road crash took place with our Founder, Harman Singh Sidhu in 1996 that left him wheelchair-bound following a spinal injury. However, that road crash could not in any way dim Sidhu’s light that shined from the within and rather, it only made him stronger to contribute towards ensuring road safety in the country. So, he laid the foundation stone of ArriveSAFE, an endeavor to make roads safer and ever since then, he has been creating ripples of change with his thoughtful initiatives.

“My harrowing personal experience of a road crash in October 1996 and living in constant pain since then has had an indelible impact on me. The sudden emptiness and a strong desire that the same doesn’t happen to anyone else forced me to think about road safety.
One fine day, I chanced upon meeting my mentor, Mr. Amitabh Dhillon whose motivation proved to be a great driving force for me in my difficult days.
It has been more than two decades since that day, and I feel that I have aged 100 years within days of that incident. But what overpowers the tiring absurdity of being disabled is an enabling realization gained through experience that I can help so many people avoid going through what I have endured all these years. I loved mountains (I still do) and whenever I got a chance, I used to go uphill. Just a few days before I was to migrate to Canada, I had gone to the picturesque Renuka lake, in the lap of Himalayas. I had been there before and had seen a cub on the road. I hoped to see a wild cat again. Little did I know that instead of going to Canada I was going to be forever confined to a wheelchair. As luck had it, my car fell into a gorge and I suffered a spinal injury. I have been paralyzed below neck since then.
All these years, the mere routine has been an ordeal for me. What to talk of professional aims, when to barely live has been a great challenge. Every single day is a battle against disability. Now I know the gravitational pull of the earth as I actually have to struggle to get up. I divide my day into very short parts and resolve to finish each task with great care and resolve.
Disabled as I am, I think I still have a lot to give to others. My experience and a burning desire to do something for the others rather than being labelled a dependent drove me towards the field of road safety and sustainable transportation. Since I used to do a lot of research in this field, I thought a little activism added to my knowledge might help reduce the number of injuries and deaths in road crashes .
I see in ArriveSAFE the seeds of a mass movement that will not be merely about traffic signs but also about the importance of human life and how to preserve it. I hope more people will join me in my mission.”

- Harman Singh Sidhu, Founder

ArriveSAFE is a registered non-profit and non-governmental organization that is working on road safety and sustainable transportation. We are a Registered Society under Act XXI of 1860.

Our Team

It has been a few years down the lane and a lot of dedicated individuals have hoped on our bandwagon with the sincere intent to make road safety a necessity, and not a luxury. Here is a sneak-peek into our core team!

Harman Singh Sidhu

I see in ArriveSAFE the seeds of a mass movement that will be not merely about traffic signs but about the importance of human life and how to preserve it. As the President of ArriveSAFE and an IT entrepreneur, I want to make people realize the value of what I have lost.

Dr. V.D.Singh

In my creer spanning over three decades as a Plastic Surgeon, i have operated thousands of cases who were leading a normal life before a road accident that changed their lives forever. "Prevention is better than cure," so let's not just helplessly watch more people die, and rather make an effort to make roads safer.

Dr. Himmat Mohan Singh Ghuman

Dr Ghuman did his MBBS and MS (General Surgery) from Govt Medical College, Patiala. He worked as a Senior Surgeon at Civil Hospital Mohali and GMSH, Sector 16, Chandigarh for more than two decades and now runs an Advanced Laparoscopic Surgery clinic.

Gurleen Kaur

I have been a media person since the last 8 years and seeing all the reasons leading to death, I realized that road accidents are one of those factors which can be controlled. Saving life on road is possible only if one takes an initiative to educate the drivers and the pedestrians.

Sudhir Gota

I am an ISO 39001 certified Road Safety specialist. I specialise in Development of Road Safety Strategy and Traffic Education, and Black Spot identification by conducting a Road Safety Audit. I have over 10 years of experience of working in areas of Road Safety and Environment.

Diljott Kaur

Road accidents are becoming a major cause of deaths these days. Usually there is a lack of awareness amongst the people about the traffic rules and attitude of negligence on road which becomes a major cause of road accidents. I believe that Right to a safe life is of utmost importance.

Our Vision

We envision to make roads safer for everyone alike, by creating awareness and ensuring proactive implementation of road safety laws and policies.

Our Mission

As per a recent report by the National Crime Records Bureau (NCRB), a total of 4,37,396 road road crashes were recorded across India in 2019, resulting in the death of 1,54,732 people and injuries to another 4,39,262.
Our team at ArriveSAFE is out on a mission to reduce these figures exponentially by ensuring utmost adherence to road safety laws and policies and creating road safety awareness for every citizen of the country.

Our Philosophy

We staunchly believe that every drop in the ocean counts and no effort ever goes wasted. So, we are out on our visionary mission to making roads safer with our guiding principles.

Our Guiding Principles