“Accident” Prevention is Everyone’s Responsibility

Dated: 07/12/2012

Liberty Dube
ROAD accident prevention is everyone’s responsibility, a cabinet minister has said.
In a speech read on his behalf by the director of operations in the Ministry of Transport, communications and Infrastructural Development, Mr Pamela Maingire at the occasion to remember road traffic victims held in Nyazura recently, Minister Nicholas Goche said collective action is need to curb carnages on the highways.
He said his ministry was working closely with relevant stakeholders to come up with strategies top reduce accidents.
“Pursuant to this objective by ministry, the Traffic Safety Council of Zimbabwe and its co-operating stakeholders have been rolling out programmes and activities targeting drinking and driving, road use by pedestrians and cyclists, tyres, overloading, cellphone use by motorists, speeding, seat-belt use and child car seats, as well as road safety education in schools and colleges.
“We have also engaged churches and we believe we will succeed in our endevours.
“Let us make 2011-2020 a decade to remember for our people and country, taking action to save lives of others will be our greatest tribute to the memory of those already lost,” he said.
Cde Goche urged people to work together: “This is a battle for the entire nation, the whole continent and the world. We have a war to end the trauma and death caused by road crashes. I call partnerships with organised labour, business, the religious community and civil society to end this scourge.
“We cannot go on pretending day by day that someone someday will come and make a change. Road safety is our absolute responsibility and it can only be a conscious individual effort that we can transform to a good image in terms of road traffic horrors. In taking this decision, we need to remember that each one of us could be the next victim if we do not choose to take immediate preventive measures.” he said.

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