Traffic Education Material

  • Traffic education material (website, CD, banners, roll ups, displays, pamphlets, lecture aids, educational aids, media presentation) for Chandigarh traffic police.
  • Training material for Chandigarh traffic police personnel
  • Software for first aid education in spreading awareness of how first aid can help minimise injuries and deaths.
  • Analysis of international information resources & making the India specific information available.
  • Publishing fascinating facts on road safety.
  • To work with schools, employers and other organizations to promote road-safety education to drivers, school children and pedestrians.
  • Campaigns for promotion of use of reflectors and wearing reflective clothes amongst cyclists, richshaws and pedestrians.
  • Encouraging new initiatives in the area of traffic safety like promoting helmets for cyclists.
  • Raise awareness about road traffic injuries, their grave consequences and enormous costs to society.
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