Road Safety Education and Awareness

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Road Safety Education and Awareness

We, at ArriveSAFE participate proactively in providing training and consultancy for road safety education and awareness.

Our team of experts develop and disseminate information on the risks associated to road traffic. Thereby, promoting safe road user behavior, improving knowledge and changing the bad road safety habits/attitudes of the road users.

We train the rural representatives as mentors and communicators to spread awareness about the various aspects of road safety among the rural population. We also actively engage with different communities in identifying their road safety challenges and propose effective & efficient solutions.

In addition to it, we also educate people about the proper use of available road safety engineering facilities, make drivers aware about road safety, and increase a sense of ownership of road users, particularly on pavement protection (damage from agricultural equipment etc.) and drainage issues.
We have organized an array of capacity building and awareness programs in the northern part of the country with the view to highlight the menace of drunken driving&over speeding and engage with the concerned authorities to check and punish the errant drivers.
The key objectives of our awareness programs have been to:
  1. Ensure enforcement by the concerned enforcement authorities to undertake regular checking of drunken driving & over speeding and punishing the offenders appropriately.
  2. Create awareness among the road users on road safety aspects, with particular focus on drunken driving and over speeding.
  3. Ensure capacity building of the enforcement agencies (and other related departments) to prepare them for carrying out their duties as provided under the law and to sustain this initiative and put halt to drunken driving and over speeding.