Ball-like Object Claiming Lives of Children

Dated: 7 Jan 2014

Eight-year-old Md Fahim lost his two fingers as he curiously took a ball-like object in his hand found inside an abandoned bag near his house yesterday.

Fahim is the latest addition in the list of children falling victims to abandoned crude bomb explosions in recent political unrest.

After returning from school Fahim was playing with a tennis ball with his playmate Yasin, seven, in front of his house in capital’s Madhyapara.

“At one stage, they noticed a bag nearby. They found a ball wrapped in red tape inside. As Fahim took it out, it exploded creating a big bang,” described Fahim’s mother Nasima Akhter.

Fahim, son of a rickshaw-puller Md Shahidul Islam and a student of class-II in Madhya Badda Government Primary School, was taken to the Dhaka Medical College Hospital immediately.

Dr Hasan Mahmud at DMCH said the explosion blew away ring finger and small finger of his right hand. Rest of his fingers in both hands and abdomen also were injured.
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