India’s first of its kind Accident Response and Traffic Management Centre Operational in
Madhya Pradesh

Dated : 6 Feb 2014

Madhya Pradesh Road Development Corporation (MPRDC) has set up one of the country’s first integrated Accident Response System and Traffic Management Centre (ARS & TMC) – a system that integrates emergency response with Intelligent Transportation Systems for the benefit of public.

Madhya Pradesh Chief Minister Shri. Shivraj Singh Chouhan inspected the successful implementation of the system. The Integrated command centre, inclusive of operational software systems has been delivered by Trivandrum-based ARS Traffic & Transport Technology (ARS T&TT India), a subsidiary of ARS T&TT, The Netherlands. The centre will play a pivotal role in significantly improving mobility and road safety in the state.

MPRDC manages the major part of the road network in Madhya Pradesh. In 2013 MPRDC assigned ARS T&TT with the construction of the command centre from ground up along with developing the operational systems as part of its vision to bring safety and efficiency measures to the roadways of Madhya Pradesh. This integrated centre monitors and mobilizes traffic on 20,000 km of road including National Highway, State Highways and MDR (Major District Roads).

Along with monitoring the operational efficiency of toll operators, the centre fulfills the role of national incident resolution centre in case of accidents or incidents thereby fitting into state’s disaster management policy.

The traffic situations near tolled roads in M.P shall be monitored through CCTV surveillance. The toll collection systems shall be centrally monitored. The solution shall be extended to other Intelligent Traffic Systems (ITS) like traffic management and speed enforcement systems, as well as smartphone enabled traffic information systems in the near future to increase the road safety and traffic mobility clarified Mr.Vivek Aggarwal, Managing Director of MPRDC.

“From accidents only, India has a yearly mortality rate of 20 per 100,000 which is on the high side when compared to other developed countries. ARS & TMC developed by ARS T&TT ensures that the critical services such as medical assistance to casualties are immediately available, working from an informed and holistic picture.” said Dr. J H Linssen, CEO, ARS T&TT India.

“The operational systems use data warehousing and analytics to identify the nearest facilities with the required support functions. Along with the dispatch and real-time navigation of emergency response vehicles such as ambulances, cranes, etc, and using camera based video surveillance of traffic flow, the system works with complete operational intelligence making automated decisions and advises. Victims therefore can always count on fast help and support,” he added.

About MPRDC –

Madhya Pradesh Road Development Corporation Ltd. (MPRDC) was incorporated as a wholly government owned company. It is notified as “State Highway Authority” under Madhya Pradesh Rajmarg Adhiniyam and responsible for the implementation and maintenance of 15 State Highway and Major District Road Projects under the public-private partnership scheme. MPRDC is also responsible in providing an integrated effective transport system that is safe, affordable, accessible to all and environmentally sustainable.

About ARS T&TT –

ARS Traffic & Transport Technology has been providing traffic and transport technology solutions to businesses and government bodies since 1997. It is active in its home market of the Netherlands, but also internationally. ARS T&TT is an end-to-end provider from consultancy, design, development and operation to project finance, if required. Having its footprint in India since 2001, ARS T&TT has decades of experience in developing and maintaining international grade ‘Intelligent Transportation’ solutions from their development centres in Trivandrum and Pune.

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