Most Dying in Road “Accidents” are Youths, Wage Earners

Dated: 03/12/2012

ALLAHABAD: At least 30% of casualties on road in the country take a toll on lives of those in the age group of 15 to 25 years, says the recent WHO ( World Health Organization) report. Ironically, the worst indicator of the report on road fatalities is that more than half of the accidents claim the lives of young wage-earners.

The traffic police department, while probing the factors responsible behind 11 major road mishaps cases that occurred within fortnight including Soraon, Industrial Area, Kaudhiyara and Mauaima and claimed 23 lives and left 27 others injured, found that most of deaths were of those in the age group of 16 to 33 years and five of them were wage-earners groups.
WHO report too revealed that the age profile of accident victims other than drivers during 2011 in the country was 25 to 65 years accounting for the largest share of 51.9% of total road accidents and casualties, followed by the 15-24 years age group comprising 30.3%.

The fact is that it’s not HIV/AIDS or any other disease which is the major killer of productive youth across the globe but road accidents.

After witnessing road rage and casualties on city streets and highways, traffic police in the district have been monitoring road safety measures with a strict hand.

With intense checking, physical ability of drivers, including buses, tempos and auto underway, traffic police officials are also interacting with road users seeking their active cooperation to make roads more safe and sound.

Traffic inspector I P Singh said, “We have adapted strict implementation of traffic rules on city streets and measures for road safety have been taken in the same regard”. He added that officials are maintaining a database on road accidents, as well as accident prevention measures at ‘accident-prone areas’ on city streets and connecting highways.

Efforts are also underway to improve the traffic scenario and errant drivers are being punished on spot. However, drivers are being taught lessons in responsible driving to minimise accidents of fatal and non-fatal kinds.

The ministry of road transport and highways has observed that road accidents on national highways constitute 31% of the total figure in the country. About 36% of total road fatalities every year occur on national highways.

Traffic police officials are still aiming to provide road safety education among masses, especially youngsters, and reach it to every commuter. “If we go through the reasons behind road accidents in fatal and non-fatal category, negligence on the part of driver was seen as the major reason,” said a senior cop, adding “following traffic norms is the only solution to check accidents on roads. With over eight lakh vehicles running on streets, it is the responsibility of every driver to follow traffic rules and regulations in all circumstances” said the traffic inspector.

While the analysis of road accident data reveals that driver’s fault was the single most common factor (78%) in road accidents, stress is being laid on educating drivers and making them aware of road safety norms.

The loss of the sole earning member of a family can be disastrous and all drivers must remember that, the latest report of road accidents in India compiled by the road transport and highways ministry said.

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