NGO Launches Crusade Against Drunk Driving

Dated: 07/12/2012

An NGO has launched a campaign to make people, especially youth, aware of the vulnerability of drunken driving, especially in the festive season. The festive season is considered to be the most dangerous as it witnesses the maximum number of fatal accidents, which rise relatively with the increase in sales of alcohol.

A campaign against drunken driving has been launched by Campaign Against Drunken Driving to reach out to the common man with the message of “don’t drink and drive” this season. Beginning December 7, as a part of the National Road Safety Week, the campaign will culminate on January 7.
CADD founder Prince Singhal said, “The rising liquor sales and the incidents of drunk driving tragedies is a proof that it is on a rise, thus this campaign has been put in place to constantly remind road users not to drink and drive.” “People in the age group of 15 to 50 years will be targeted, right from school students to pub goers,” he added.
According to the statistics, every year about 1,42,000 people are killed in road accidents in India, of which drunk driving kills over a lakh on New Year’s eve. Hence, the rate of fatal accidents increases by 22-25 per cent.
The campaign would incorporate various activities that would also include, presentation of a one-minute film and a song stay alive, don’t drink and drive that would be played across pubs. Besides these, the campaign would also organise community walk in various parts of Delhi and youth cycle rally in North and South campuses of Delhi University.

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