RS10 Project: “Preventing Drink Driving” Workshop For Auto Rickshaw (Tuc-Tuc) Operators & Drivers

14 October 2012 at Jalandhar, Punjab, India

ArriveSAFE on behalf of GRSP (Global Road Safety Partnership), with the support Jalandhar Traffic Police conducted the Workshop highlighting the adverse and serious consequences of drunken driving. More than 150 Operators and Drivers of Auto rickshaws attended the Workshop.

They ferry thousands of people daily, more importantly schoolchildren, on a relatively unstable vehicle i.e. the three-wheeler. Stickers with the message “Don’t Drink & Drive: It has Serious Consequences” were put on more than 100 three-wheelers. The message would also act as reminder to other road users also about the stepped up drive against Drunken Driving by the Jalandhar Traffic Police.

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