Signature campaign for Road Safety


GUWAHATI: Mrityunjoy 108, in association with the transport department and traffic police, organized a signature campaign to create awareness among people regarding road safety and traffic norms.

During the campaign on Friday around 370 people from various walks of life pledged not to drink and drive.

“Every day more than 3,000 people die in road accidents (across India). This is mainly because of lack of awareness about traffic rules. By 2020, road accidents will be the third highest cause of deaths. So, 2011-2020 is the decade of action for road safety, as a part of which we are observing the Road Safety Week,” Guwahati superintendent of police Bibekananda Das said.
The awareness drive is the initiative of the Centre to reduce the number of road accidents.

“Every three minutes, 380 people die in road accidents (in India) and road engineering needs to be strengthened to bring the number down,” he said.

The SP called for better enforcement of traffic rules and educating people about road awareness and emergency response and upgrading of healthcare services.

“Now we are emphasizing on education and enforcement. We are planning to start this from the school-level by organizing meetings, seminars, workshops regarding road safety and traffic rules. We will also distribute leaflets and booklets on traffic rules, penalties and punishment on their violation,” he added.

Asif Rahman, the operation head of Mritunjoy 108, said, “We will conduct a signature campaign in different parts of the city to increase the awareness among people regarding traffic rules.”

According to the data available with Mrityunjoy, in 2011, 20,609 vehicular accidents were reported, while in 2012, the number was 17,595. Thirteen three-wheeler accidents were reported in 2011 and in 2012, there were seven of them. In 2011, 780 four-wheeler accidents were reported and in 2012 the number was 702. Multi-casualty incidents in 2011 were 181 and in 2012, 132 cases were reported.

“On January 1, total 123 accident cases were reported from all over Assam and two wheeler accident rose to 81 as compared to last year which stood at 47. Last year, the total number of accident was 147,” he added.

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