Software Tools for Safer Roads

Software Tools for Safer Roads

In our pursuit to make our roads safer, we work closely with Traffic Police. While working with them, we have understood how they work and the problems faced by them. This made us think how we can make things easier for them and improve licensing system, enforcement and study road accidents to identify the underlying causal factors.

We have used the power of software and internet to assist the authorities. Our software packages assist the administrators to have a comprehensive review and analysis of the present situation and visualise the future situations, hence improving efficiency.

The entire information is also made freely available to other socially conscious organizations and citizens who may offer fresh insights for developing effective strategies for improvement and prevention of road accidents. These software packages are being used by Haryana Police and Chandigarh Traffic Police.


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Find an Ecocab on the go

Chandigarh Ecocabs is a community based dial-a-rickshaw service for providing better access of cycle rickshaw to the residents of Chandigarh.

This apps lets you find an Ecocab rickshaw operator nearby your area and you can directly call them to your doorstep. Operator details include their Name, photo, mobile number and the list of the areas where they are available.

Since its the data is crowdsourced, the app also lets you contribute to the project by submitting details of any rickshaw operator you like.

Ecocab is a dial-a-cycle-rickshaw similar to dial-a-cab service by balancing its demand and supply through equal distribution of fleet and automation using latest IT tools.


IDEAS-Punjab, a web based project for PRBDB, a World Bank project

Integrated Data Evaluation System on Accidents[IDEAS-Punjab] is being set up to improve existing road crash accident reporting so as to collect more robust data for decision making and prompt action. This Web Based Integrated Data Evaluation System on Accidents would work as a useful tool for PRBDB, Punjab Police, local authorities, pressure groups, academic and research organisations. For statistics to emerge, someone has to gather data, and for this there must be both a reason and the resources to do so. The police department would be adding accident data to this software and they would be trained by ArriveSAFE to do so. The police department officials can log in and generate PDF reports in the FIR format. It is designed to process non-aggregate data relating to accidents involving fatalities and injuries. The software would publish information gathered based on standard parameters to study and analyze the trends and plan countermeasures. Subsequently, improved and standarised data collection and analysis will enable monitoring the effectiveness of designed countermeasures and would facilitate prompt remedial action if required. The web based reporting and analysis system would have open reporting to assist other agencies or organisations that can use the data and can come up with some useful suggestions to reverse the trends.


Chandigarh Traffic Police website

This was conceptualized by ArriveSAFE and thus it became the first of it’s kind comprehensive Traffic Police online resource on Road Safety for general public and as a management tool for authorities. The project covers:

  • Safe and Responsible Driving: It covers comprehensive tips on Road Signs and Markings, Rules and Regulations etc as laid down under Motor Vehicle Act.
  • Test Your Knowledge: It has database of multiple choice questions for public to know the level of their skills.
  • Online Payment for Traffic Violations: Introduced online payment for traffic violations.
  • Data Management of Habitual Offenders’: Facilitated data of habitual offenders.
  • Road Crash Data Analysis Tool: Introduced robust data collection for efficient decision making.
  • Engineering Proposals Status: Status of actions initiated by concerned departments on Traffic Police proposals for engineering solutions to infrastructural causative factors.

For this, ArriveSAFE has been awarded Prince Michael International Road Safety Award.



Multimedia Lectures on Road Safety

Haryana Police provides space and infrastructure like the Projectors/LCD Screens in the Police Lines across the state for these lectures aimed at cross section of drivers. The content has illustrations showing different situations and what the road users should or should not do; the voice-over has been given in local dialect.

The lectures were tested on a random sample of the audience and required modifications were incorporated. ArriveSAFE trained the Haryana Police staff on how to conduct these lectures.


License Seekers Test

Lience Skill Test
The License Seekers Test was incorporated along with the Multimedia Lectures on Road safety.
The process is; the license seekers’ attend these lectures and then go through a mandatory computerized test. We developed a large database of easily comprehendible illustration based multiple choice questions out of which randomly generated questions are picked up for the test. Each test has a fixed percentage of questions from each category so all candidates get the same standard of the test and all gamuts of issues are covered. The test is bilingual [Hindi and English] so language doesn’t become a bar. The candidate who scores 60% marks can go for the practical driving license, those who fail can go attend the classes without any payment, improve their knowledge level and reappear in the test. This is how standardization has been incorporated into the driving license system.

The software was developed and a team of officials of Haryana Police were trained to setup these computer testing labs and how to operate them. These testing labs were setup in the same complex where the lectures are conducted.

The project is being successfully run all over Haryana and even in the remotest districts the people have accepted it as a positive initiative.


Traffic Offence Data Management

ArriveSAFE has established the Traffic Offence Data Management System for the state of Haryana. This online system completely manages the traffic offenders’ information across the state. It has a detailed reporting system through which the top management can study the trends and take the needful action.

Key benefits:

  • Totally secure and transparent system.
  • Each and every activity of the staff from inventory management, form entry to receipt generation is recorded by the system leading to better management and efficient use of manpower.
  • Real time data analysis and detection of habitual traffic offenders.
  • Complete transparency – the record is logged in such a way that it leaves no scope of malpractice or corruption.
  • Inter-district and Inter-state information can be shared.