Women drivers take to roads to increase Road Safety Awareness


NAVI MUMBAI: The traffic police organized a rally on Thursday to encourage road safety for women. The Navi Mumbai traffic cops arranged the ride to reinforce the importance of wearing helmets and driving slower. “Since the start of the year, there have been close to eight deaths in road accidents in Navi Mumbai alone. Three of the victims were women. And these women were riding pillion without a helmet to protect them,” said Ashok Sharma, commissioner of police, Navi Mumbai. “So, helmets are a must.”

The rally, called the Road Safety Mission 2013, was attended by 200 women. It started from Modern College in Vashi and went up to Inorbit mall.
Women of all ages rode the stretch with banners urging helmet use and safer driving. “The message regarding road safety, I believe , has been delievered,” said Pragya Singh, a student at Modern College. Ironically, a few women that participated in the rally, drivers and pillion riders, did not have a helmet on. However, that was quickly amended with promises of not forgetting one next time.

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